• Enriched Air/ Nitrox

    Do with Samui-Asia-Divers of the most popular specialties - the Enriched Air Diver course.

    Diving with enriched air (Nitrox) lengthens your bottom time in a safe way. You can stay longer under water then it would be possible without doing a deco dive. Diving with enriched air means more time under water - but in order to get Nitrox filled tanks, you need to do the Enriched Air Diver course first.

    No matter if you are a underwater photographer or if you like to do wreck diving, if you dive during your holiday in a tropical paradise or just doing a relaxed day at a dive site around the corner: the Enriched Air Diver course will help you to make more of your dive as it helps to get more bottom time.

    • Learn how to check the gas in your tank

    • Lengthen your bottom time without deco stops in a safe way

    The Enriched Air Diver can be accredited towards the Master Scuba Diver

    Ask your Instructor how to include the Enriched Air Diver in your Open Water Diver course.


    • 15 years or older

    • Open Water Diver certification

    Schedule: 1/2 day No dives!


















    Price :

    5.800 THB No Dives

    10.100 THB incl. 2 dives

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    Samui-Asia-Divers offers are all inclusive prices. Educational materials in your language, certification fee, transfer from and back to the hotel, Insurance, transfer to the dive sites, drinks and dive equipment are included