• Sail Rock

    The Sail Rock is famous for its abundance of fishes and its one of the most beautiful and most popular dive sites around Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

    The Sail Rock is a pinnacle that reaches about 12m out of the water. It offers to see a big variety of underwater creatures a place to live as well as it’s a place where sea birds come to. There you can find different kind of fishes who all comes there to feed or looking for shelter to hide. At the Sail Rock you can find big groupers, swarms of mackerels, fusiliers, barracudas, bat fishes and many other more. Also the coral world with all its smaller residents like crabs, shrimps and anemone fishes are rich of thing to discover. A paradise for photographers.

    The high light is for sure that this dive site is a favorite point of the wale sharks to meet and feed. Depending o the season you might have a few sightings per day.
    Samui-Asia-Divers half day trips (transfer time 50 min), with 2 dives. Please contact us when we go! We can’t offer this trip every day and the amount of participants is limited. As many people want to go to this particular dive site we recommend to book early.

    Samui-Asia-Divers Normally the dive time of the 2 dives is each around 45 to 60 min. This depends on the air consumption and the experience of our guests. To make sure everybody can relax and enjoy the dive, we try to put divers of the same experience and certification level in the same group. Between the dives will be lunch, which can be thai or western food. Soft drinks are free except on the dive boat, but they have a real good breakfast, what equals the fact you have to pay for soft drinks. Coffee, tea and water are always free.

    The Sail Rock is suitably for beginners as for experienced divers. Dives in depths from 1 to 40 meters is doable and offers a lot worth seeing. Depending on the season the visibility can vary from 2 to 30 meters. There can be slightly to strong current.

    New! Every Wednesday we offer 2 Night Dives on Sail Rock with Speed-Boat!