• Southwest Pinnacle

    The Southwest Pinnacle consists of many big rocks which sprawl circular in a depth from 5 to 28 meters. They look a bit like small volcano.

    At Southwest Pinnacle you can see harlequin sweet lips, barracudas, groupers, snapper, angel fishes, gorgeous anemones with its anemone fishes and hundreds of Makrele and füsiliers.
    The clefts, splitting and small holes are excellent hiding places for moray eels and all kind of small critters like cleaner shrimps.
    From time to time you can see bigger stingrays or a leopard shark. Depending on the season whale shark sightings are possible.

    The Southwest Pinnacle is suitably for beginners as for experienced divers. Depending on the season the visibility can vary from 5 to 30 meters. There can be slightly to strong current.